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Author Hugh Allison Sr

Author Hugh Allison Sr.-
Born in Kingston, Jamaica W.I. and living in a time when boys would have to learn a skill to prepare them for manhood. Hugh did not always like the idea of being a writer.  He told a story of when he was a boy and the life he lived when he left home and the trials that accompanied his life in some of the stories he writes about.
One of his most influential things was the fact that his dad told him ”you will be a writer”  and him trying his best not to be involved with the writing as a rebellious child would do.  When asked why, he just said, “I thought it was a skill meant for girls”. He saw his sister from time to time write in shorthand, something in the old days that secretaries had to know to have their jobs.
But all through those years he fought, he has found his self being lured back to writing, either through the writing of songs or poems. He is now a published writer.
Author Hugh Allison is not just a writer but also a well-known musician and artist by the stage name of Ras. Iquelah, (The Lions Roar).  You can check out his many genres and performances on, ReverbNation, Myspace and Soundcloud to name a few.  He is a self-taught musician of the guitar, piano, bass, and drums.  He is also a CEO and producer of records and movies via his company Flaming Lion Productions.  We can go on forever…
In 1987, he started the Flaming Lion brand as a record and production company subsequently while working in other fields.  However, his hidden passion for expression through writing was always there and bulging to blossom into the author he is today some 40 years later with a sum of 29 books, short skits, and movies in the works.  He became a published writer in 2013 and has forged the roads of literature while working his craft by the types of books in his repertoire.

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